Tree Service

When you are looking for quality tree service, the only place you need to look is at Fredericksburg Tree Service. We have been providing the community of Fredericksburg, VA with tree services that have not only allowed indivuduals to get control of their propetty but companies as well. Our tree services are offered to both residential and commercial properties, and we cannot wait to get started. Here are just a few of the services we offer with our all in one tree service service.


When you are looking for the best option for tree removal, the only question you need to ask is what is Fredericksburg Tree Service’s numbers? We have been completing removal for more than a decade, and from larger trees to widowmakers, our team will be able to handle any sized tree your property can throw towards us. Our team will be able to secure the trees and ensure your property is not damaged during the removal! Plus, we are also able to cut up the wood to provide you with a number of quarts of firewood if you would like.


Making sure your tree is shaped the way that you need is our job. The team at Fredericksburg Tree Service has long been the premier choice in Fredericksburg, VA for all thing trimming. Our team will be able to work around your property, and shape trees to fit your style and wants. We will also be able to trim the trees to avoid any of the issues that mistrimming cause, which naturallly includes killing or damaging the tree. Let our experts take care of it, and see how Fredericksburg Tree Service can be your team for trimming of all of your trees

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is not an easy job, but the great people of Fredericksburg, VA have long trusted the team at Fredericksburg Tree Service to complete this tough job. With more than a decade of experience we have been able to perfect the serivce, and from the time we get on site, to when we leave, we will ensure that your property is stump free. Call our team today, and see how we can ensure that your property is stump free.


Planting a tree might seem like an easy job until you have to do it. As trees are a little larger than your normal plant, you will need to do a few things first. First, you will need to dig a rather large whole, and back fill once the tree is in the hole. You will then need to secure the tree to ensure it does not fall over during th enight. Then you will need to fertilize and water. Think you can do that all? Or skip a headache, and call the team at Fredericksburg Tree Service to do it all. We have been completing planting services for our entire history, and no matter if you are looking to plant a single tree or a whole orchid, ensure that Fredericksburg Tree Service is your first call for all your planing needs!

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